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Marine Scada

Interim Management, Portfolio & Asset Management

Business today is very focused on development, innovation and state of the art cloud solutions and tools, with expectations to fast drive their business to next level. IT become the tool as the absolutely key to success for business development, automation and operational excellence of performance.

Absolutely – This is correct !

Defining a goal to bring the business to the next level, is easy said, but often due to rush this become a challenge. Ensure you analyze and ask yourself the many right questions before you even start.

Marine Scada is able to analyze, map, structure and support in the process from idea to operational implementation and execution, based on a “HANDS ON”  concept and document the Change Management Strategy.


Supply Chain Processes needs to be 100% defined and aligned with roles and
responsibilities,to fit your future business model. It is extremely important prior to
considering, selecting,implementing tools for your future strategy and operational
models. You must know the current situation, future business processes in details
and the impact of changes.

MARINE SCADA assist from early stages to completing the implementation as well
as follow up.

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Team Management of Change

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Phone: +45 93 93 00 81